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Do you post throughout Australia? Yes we do, nationwide. Mostly the orders will take approximately 1 week for delivery.

Do you post internationally?Unfortunately at this stage we only post to New Zealand. Upon your order being completed please contact us for a confirmed shipping cost.

Do you have alloy products? Yes we do, but very little. All the alloy products are on site as metal. There will also be something to say to look after the product as the quality is not as good as other products. Alloy products can discolour a lot easier than our other products, most of which are plated.

What is the quality of your products?Our products are of the highest quality. We try to get the best quality products for the best value for all of our customers. We have a few alloy products, but we have tried to avoid them as much as possible. Most of the products are brass which are plated, or stainless steel. We will slowly be introducing sterling silver as well.